Photo to Painting Gallery

We lovingly hand paint your photos on cotton canvas in traditional oil paints. They make a beautiful and personal gift for any occasion, whether a wedding, birthday or just for that special someone.

Paintings are the perfect unique gift but commissioning one can be a little daunting at first. We find that the best way to get a feel for what is possible with your photo is to have a good browse through our examples below.

The most popular themes for paintings are:

Portrait Painting from Photos

Portrait painting is our most popular request. We can paint a portrait from your photo with the background taken out or with the person in a setting. Normally either a head and shoulders view, or a 3/4 view (waist up) is a traditional crop for a portrait.

Child Portraits from Photos

A painting of your child can make a beautiful way to remember their younger years as well as being the perfect present for grandparents! Anything goes when it comes to child portrait painting as they rarely sit still long enough to get a traditional pose.

Pet Portraits from Photos

In some ways paintings make better representations of pets, such as dogs and cats, than photos do. A painting captures the life and energy of your pet and details such as hair/fur look amazing when painted.

House/Architectural Paintings

We are a houseproud nation and what better way to showcase your property than with a house portrait. We have painted houses, cottages, holiday homes, castles, stately homes and churches to name just a few. Having a painting of the church where you got married can be a lovely wedding gift.

Landscape Paintings

The perfect way to remember a beautiful scene. Oil painting lends itself to lanscape painting and with the choice of up to a 60inch (1.5m) wide canvas you could have a landscape painting big enough to fill any wall.

Sport / Vehicle Paintings

Action photos can make great paintings. Motorbike paintings are very popular as well as skiing photos and motor racing. Do you have a classic or beloved car - immortalise it in an oil painting!