Painting Pricing

All of our paintings are handpainted in traditional oils onto cotton canvas. As standard we offer our paintings rolled (where they are not stretched tight around a wooden frame but just as loose canvas). This is ideal if you are planning on having the painting framed yourself.

If you would like us to stretch or frame your canvas we offer several affordable options which can transform you painting into a ready to hang work of art.

Framing Options

Framing adds the finishing touch to any painting and you can find below our pricing for gallery stretched paintings as well as our basic and premium framing options.

Below is the additional cost for adding a frame to your painting

Gallery Stretched Classic Frame Premium Frame
12in x 12in 15 30 40
12in x 16in 20 35 45
12in x 24in 30 45 55
16in x 20in 30 45 55
20in x 20in 30 45 55
20in x 24in 40 55 65
20in x 28in 45 60 70
28in x 28in 50 70 80
24in x 32in 55 70 80
36in x 16in 50 65 75
32in x 40in 75 90 100
40in x 40in 80 100 110
44in x 20in 65 80 90
48in x 36in 90 105 115
Gold Frame and Antique Gold frames fall into the premium frame category.

Further Options

Additional charges for multiple people / pets in your painting

When there is more than 1 figure in your painting then the amount of time required by the artist to complete the painting increases significantly. We charge an additonal 30 per person/pet that is included in your painting above the standard 1. For example if you have a painting of 3 dogs you will pay our standard pricing plus and additional 60 (2 x 30 for the extra figures).

Please note that this extra charge is only necessary for main figures. For example if you have a painting of your house but there are some small, undetailed figures in the garden, then we will not charge any extra.


We send all paintings by overnight signed for courier so that they arrive with you in a perfect condition. Fully insured courier delivery is 14.99 to mainland UK addresses and 19.99 to UK Islands and Ireland for our standard size paintings.

Popular sizes

Our most popular portrait sizes are 12inch x 16inch, 24inch x 16inch and 32inch x 24inch. Landscape sizes vary but we offer up to a 60inch width size (approx 150cm) so hopefully we can find the perfect size to suit you room. To help you visualise how big a painting is have a read of our canvas size guide.